Why Multifamily

Passive Income

Passive investing in apartment communities allows investors to be hands off while still receiving the income and value add potential that comes from ownership of income producing commercial property. Double 2 Capital distributes cash flow on a quarterly basis while returning larger, value add, distributions upon the refinance or sale of property. This provides a consistent, steady income with occasional large distributions over time.

Tax Advantages

Each property is purchased into a single asset entity that the investor is a shareholder in. Investors benefit from pass-through depreciation which helps offset income realized from the property. Double 2 Capital  routinely uses cost segregations as a tool to further accelerate depreciation and provide additional tax advantages for our investors. Additionally, upon the sale of a property our investors will have the option to benefit from a 1031 Exchange, further reducing or eliminating income tax liabilities.


Multi-family properties differ from single family properties when it comes to appreciation. In a multi-family property, value is derived from a multiple of Net Operating Income (NOI) rather than the comparable sales approach used for a single-family property. Therefore, by increasing revenues while reducing or maintaining expenses through efficient management we are able to increase the NOI and effectively increase the value of the property.


Mortgage payments that reduce the principal amount of our loan can build a significant amount of equity for investors over a period of time.