Double 2 Capital, LLC 

We are headquartered in Dallas, Texas with a decade of experience investing in  multi-family and single family  housing. We specialize in medium to large sized Class B apartment communities in Texas, Arizona, Oklahoma, and other under-valued markets across the Southwest to provide a competitive return for our investors. We invest in properties that provide stable cash flow in established communities.

Double 2 Capital controls every facet of property management of our properties. This provides greater cost control and direction without reliance on third party management. Over the past 10 years we have consistently achieved superior occupancy rates, below industry average expense ratios, and steady rent growth. Our disciplined operating practices have helped drive higher net operating income and strong, consistent returns for investors. 

We place a high priority on open communication with investors and pride ourselves on our proven track record of delivering results. Conservative underwriting and operational efficiencies are two of our main pillars of success. Over the past 10 years our established systems, processes, and procedures have allowed us to steadily grow our portfolio.